User Replay has a default visualization to show you the key performance metrics across your application (Page Load, Server Response, Dom Render):

Using a filter you can copy this visualization to track (and alert) on specific pages within your application in isolation - Search Results for example.

When logged into the portal, (1) click on the Visualize menu option on the right hand side and (2) select "Average Load Times" from the list:

Once the visualization is loaded, we need to duplicate it before making changes. (1) Click 'Save' in the top Menu then (2) toggle the 'Save as a new visalization' slider and (3) give it a new name, 'Search Results - Average Load Times' in this example:

Now we need to apply the filter so the chart is looking for the specific Url that we wish to monitor. (1) Click the 'Add a filter' button then (2) select 'pageUrl.keyword' as the metric to filter on, (3) set the filter logic to be 'is', then (4) select (or type) the URL you wish to monitor:

Clicking 'Save on the filter will update the chart to show the performance metrics for the page of interest only. You can then treat this visualization like any other and share with others or put on dashboards to monitor in real time.

You can add as many visualizations as you like in User Replay so you can monitor (and alert) on all the important areas of your site.

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