To view a session, select the play button.

Selecting the play button will open the session player.

On the upper left-hand side, the back button and website hyperlink is available. The back button will return you to the homepage and the Visit selection will take you to the corresponding website for the current session.

The right-hand side of the player provides information about the session being replayed.

Events are any time the website is clicked. UserReplay provides a list of these events. You can search and select any event to jump to that moment in the user’s session in the player.

The right-hand side also provides session user data, such as customer name, customer ID, browser, etc.

The Notes section allows you to leave notes on the session.

The player section contains all of the classic options of a player.

The Play button plays the session.

The Back button returns to the beginning of the user’s session.

The Speed button changes the speed of the replay.

Two icons are available on the player timeline.

The Bent Page icon denotes a moment in the session that the user went to a new page.

The Angry Face denotes a frustration event in the user’s session.

You can select both icons to jump to that moment in the user’s session.

The Skip Inactivity button skips through moments of inactivity during the user’s session.

The Dev Tools button provides items similar to developer tools in a browser IE: Metadata or console errors.

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