Time Range

The time range button is available on the top right hand side of the page.

Search Bar

The search bar is available at the top of the page.

Session Replay Section

The session replay section is available underneath the search bar.

User Identifier

Play Button

To view a session replay, click on the play button.

Session Details

The following details are provided in the window:

  • Date

  • Number of Events and Run Time

  • Location

  • Browser and device

  • Available frustration events


Dashboards are located underneath the Session Replay section.


The left-hand side of the homepage has multiple icons.

The following icons are located on the upper left-had side of the page.

Selecting the three lines expands the sidebar on the left. You can make selections when the sidebar is expanded or minimized.

Hovering over the initialed square icon will reveal the current project.

For a list of available projects, hover over SWITCH PROJECT.

Select your preferred project and your homepage will refresh with the data for the selected tenant.

A checkmark will be next to the current project.

The home icon will return you to the homepage.

The following two icons are located on the lower left-hand side of the page.

The Users icon is only available if the current user has administrator permissions.

Hovering over the user's initials or name will bring up the settings menu.

  • Switch language: allows to you change simplicityDX's interface between English and French.

  • Help center: opens a new tab to our help center.

  • Status page: opens a new tab to our twitter page for any service status updates.

  • Terms and privacy: open a new tab to our privacy policy.

  • Log out: logs you out of simplicityDX.

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