With Virtual Data Layer you have the flexibility to define additional data from your webpage that you would like to be captured in a user session. User Replay will fetch that information from webpage and store in session document on which you can perform various searches, filters and more.

User Replay allows you to configure Virtual Data Layer fields through two operators: count and inbetween.

With count operator, configure the word or phrase of your interest and User Replay will match and store in the user session the number of times that particular word appears on your webpage.

inbetween operator provides you with the functionality to store the value of a particular element by configuring exact strings enclosing that value on your webpage.

For example, to configure Virtual Data Layer label for capturing Total Cart Value from checkout page 

Go to Configuration > Virtual Data Layer > Add Label
Give your label a meaningful name, select inbetween operator add the exact string expressions before and after the expected cart value.

The strings to be configured can be obtained from your website's html code

Go to your browser's Developer Tools or right click on your webpage and select Inspect. Click on arrow icon on top left of inspector and hover over the desired element on your webpage. This will highlight the html code for the element. Copy and paste the specific strings before and after the cart value.

Once successfully captured in a user session, you can view this field with its associated data in session document. 

You're able to use these fields to build your own custom search and filters using advanced search and filter controls.

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